What are the City Council Meeting Dates and Times?

The Perham City Council meets on the second Monday of each month. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers at City Hall at 5:15 pm.  Click here for the City calendar.

 What are the hours of City Hall?

City Hall regular office hours are:
Monday - Thursday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

 What do I do if I smell natural gas?

Stop what you are doing.

Immediately go outside.

Call our natural gas 24 hour emergency line at (888) 262-3837 or 911.

 How can I reserve the shelter at Paul Miller Park?

To reserve a picnic shelter at Paul Miller Park, call City Hall at (218)346-4455 or e-mail kbreid@cityofperham.com to guarantee the reservation.  Click here for current charges.

 Do I Need to Licence my Dog?

All dogs over the age of six months must be licensed. Licenses can be obtained at the Perham Police Department.  All dogs over six months of age must also have documentation of current vaccination of the animal. Vaccination of rabies and distemper must be done at least once every three years.  Click here for the current fee schedule.

 Why does the city water sometimes have a brown color and/or have sediment in it?

Naturally occurring iron and manganese minerals in water can build up on the inside of water pipes and lines. It occasionally breaks loose, causing rusty water to flow when faucets are first opened. This happens especially when city or household water lines are disturbed (e.g., moved, replaced, back flushed, or repaired) and rust breaks loose from pipes. The City of Perham Public Works Department flushes city water lines two times a year, in April and October, as a part of ongoing water line maintenance. During these periods, your water is more likely to have a brown tinge to it; however, the water should return to normal within a couple of days. For additional information on water quality in the City of Perham or the dates of scheduled water flushing contact Jeremie Schossow, Public Works Director at (218) 346-5242 or email jschossow@cityofperham.com.

 What can I do if my laundry becomes stained while the City is flushing the water lines?

To completely avoid stained or yellowed laundry because of rust in the water, if at all possible, avoid doing laundry while the city water lines are being flushed. If you notice rust or iron on clothes when taking them from the washer, don't dry them in the dryer before treating the stains. Heat sets the stains and makes them difficult or impossible to remove. Do not use chlorine bleach to attempt to remove rust stains. Chlorine will also make the stain permanent. The following suggestions may help remove or lighten rust stains.
1) Rewash clothes immediately in clear water with a heavy duty detergent.
2) Rewash clothes immediately in clear water  with one cup of non-precipitating water softener (brand names may include Spring Rain or Calgon) without detergent.
3) For white clothing only, boil water adding cream of tarter and dip and boil article of clothing for a few minutes, rinse.
4) Launder with a commercial rust remover (such as RoVer, Rit Rust Remover, Iron-Out, Miracle-Rid-Iron, Whink, or Yellow Out). Follow the instructions on the product package. Commercial rust removers are intended for use only on white or colorfast fabrics. Test colored clothes for colorfastness before attempting to remove rust stains with commercial removers.
Note: Another iron stain situation unrelated to water quality occurs due to deterioration of the washer inner basket. Small areas near basket holes may show chipping of enamel, allowing the basket to rust. During the spin cycle, clothing comes in direct contact with this surface, and rust is deposited or transferred onto clothes. Stains may not be noticeable until dried, or may even "mysteriously" appear later in storage due to oxidation of the iron. Stains may appear as small pin-points scattered over a portion of the garment, or as larger, stained areas about the size of a dime. In this case, the source of the rust must be corrected through repair or replacement of the washer basket. Stain removal procedures for stained clothing are similar to those suggested for other iron stains.

 What is the snowplow schedule for clearing the streets?

Snow plows are sent to clear the streets whenever the Public Works Director determines it necessary or declares a Snow Emergency. A Snow Emergency is snowfall of 2” or more. The City regulates parking of vehicles on city streets during the winter snow season (November 1st to April 30th). During a Snow Emergency, parking on City Streets is prohibited until the street is plowed the full width. To find out if a Snow Emergency has been declared, check the City of Perham website. Information will be displayed on the homepage. There may be information announced on Lakes Radio 99.5, when available, in addition to the website information. Parking is only prohibited during a Snow Emergency, although, we do recommend you move vehicles from the street if possible whenever the plows are out.

 When are the utility meters read by the city?

Utility meters are read between the 25-31 of every month.

 When do I get my utility bill?

Utility bills are mailed on or before the 6th of each month and are due the 22nd of each month.

 Where can I pay my utility bill?

Your municipal utility bills can be paid in one of several ways:
  • By mail to Perham City Hall, PO Box 130, Perham, MN 56573
  • Drop it off at City Hall in person or in the drop box by the exterior entrance of City Hall
  • By automatic debit of your checking or savings account. Click here for authorization form. 
  • On-line, through Payment Service Network. 
  • Credit/Debit Card over the phone, (218) 346-4455 or (877) 864-7963.  A processing fee is applied to all credit card transactions.

If you have questions, please contact City Hall at (218) 346-4455 or (877) 864-7963 for more information.

 What is the current municipal natural gas rate?

Gas rates for the City of Perham fluctuate monthly according to the market and based upon the previous month’s usage. For current rates and charges please call City Hall at (218) 346-4455 or (877)864-7963.  For quick reference, the gas rate is listed on your utility bill.

 Do I need a building permit?

Check with the Perham Building Official for the specific requirements in Perham. (218)346-4455 or (218) 346-9800. Generally building permits are required for the following: New Buildings, Additions, Renovations, Demolitions, Prefabricated structures, Temporary Buildings, Mobile Homes, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems, HVAC Systems (heating, ventilating, air conditioning), Miscellaneous for residential (fireplace, pools, decks, fences, etc.), Miscellaneous for commercial (parking, health, food handling, etc.). A printable version of the City of Perham Building Permit Application is available by clicking here.

 What is the remaining special assessment on my property?

For specific information regarding balances on special assessments to your property, contact the City Finance Officer at 218-346-4455 or email pstokke@cityofperham.com.

 What is the hardness of the water in Perham?

Water from the Perham city wells measures 21 grains of hardness.

 What are the hours for the public library?

The Perham Area Public Library is open Monday - Thursday: 10:00am-7:00pm, Friday: 10:00am-5:00pm, Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm.  Click here to go to the Library website.

 Does the library hold Used Book Sales?

The Friends of the Perham Area Public Library has a used book sale in June during Turtle Fest.  Click here to go to the Library's website.

 What are the hours of Landmark Liquors?

For current Landmark Liquor hours, click here.

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