Energy Conservation Rebate Program

The City of Perham/Perham Natural Gas offers several energy conservation rebates.  (Rebate applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Funds are limited.  All programs may not be offered on an annual basis.)

> Natural Gas Furnace/Boiler Rebate
> Natural Gas Hot Water Heater Rebate
> Insulation Rebate

Easy Energy Savings Tips
    * Run your garbage disposal with only cold water.
    * Fix faucet leaks.
    * Set your water heater at 120-125 degrees.
    * Install a low flow showerhead to save water and energy.
    * Wrap your hot water heater with an insulated blanket.
    * Wash your laundry in cold or warm water rather than hot.
    * Shut water off when brushing teeth, washing face, and shaving.
    * Take a shower rather than a bath.
    * Add insulation to your attic.
    * Crawl spaces, walls, & floors above the crawl space should be
    * Weather-strip your attic door.
    * Use window insulation kits in the winter months. 
    * Air seal drafty areas around windows, outside doors, baseboards,
        exhaust fans & dryer vents. 
    * Change or clean your furnace filter often.
    * Move furniture away from your heating/cooling registers.
    * In the winter lower your thermostat in the evening while you sleep. 
    * Install a programmable thermostat and set it to your schedule.
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